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What was Bo and Billie's Favorite Flower?

Who did Billie and Bo go dressed as to Bo's Birthday Party in 1993?

Who helped Shawn D get Bo and Billie together?

Where did Bo and Billie kiss at on Halloween 1993?

What city were Bo and Billie in on an under cover assignment when Bo kissed Billie for the first time?

What were the three stones in Billie's engagement ring?

Where were Bo and Billie locked up at overnight around the time of xmas 1995?

Who was Billie arrested for murdering?

When Bo proposed to Billie what did he say about the ring?

Where did Bo and Billie make love for the first time?

What Whitney Houston Song was playing while they were making love?

Who was not happy about Bo and Billie's realtionship when she was on trial for Curtis's murder?

Who's clutches did Bo rescue Billie from when she caught him sexually abusing his daughter?

After a conversation with whom did Bo finally tell Billie he loved her?

Who did Bo ask to help him pick out the ring?

Who designed Billie's wedding gown?

Who hired them as a gift?

Who gave Bo and Billie their wedding reception as a gift?

Who gave Billie away at her wedding?


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